Friday, January 7, 2011

The Pyramid Scheme Revealed

The dreaded pyramid scheme has finally been revealed by society. At one time it was the most illusive entity in the world that may have been pinpointed to one business model.

Many have questioned why is it allowed? Why the people who regulate business laws and rules don’t put an end to this? The mass majority did not know how this scheme affected them and how they were involved in such a scheme without even knowing it.

Some had thought if they stay away from this business model that they would be safe from such a scheme. Many are just still just ignorant of the fact that they are exposed to it whether or not they wanted to be involved.

Unfortunately mlm has been taking most of the heat in this due to the fact that it has uncovered its ways of doing business. It has shown you how to make money as you bring team members in to build your business and then in turn you help them build their business and so on. This creates success for everyone in ways that some still do not comprehend.

Everyone in mlm is on the same playing field and you don’t have to wait for promotions, evaluations, and a lousy raise. Or if the budget is too tight then no raise at all.

On the other hand people still preferred to be brought into a business with a set income, the hope of making more money if they please upper management by reaching their set goals for them. Or they wait till upper management leaves or gets terminated to then compete for the open position.

Now I ask which model would you rather be into from the two I described? I myself would rather be in the first one.

Pyramids are in all business models, government entities, and military forces. They call it a chain of command or going thru the proper channels. It’s funny how it is covered up so professionally.

The pyramid scheme has been revealed to have affected all business models but yet so many still want to believe that only one is responsible to have implemented it.

Why do people continue to stay in their pyramid model knowing that they may spend 3 to 5 years or longer at the bottom of that pyramid and never reach financial freedom? Perhaps they are too scared to break free from the herd to do their own thing, to take a chance on being successful and in turn help others become successful.

So if you are faced with the pyramid scheme accusation, help that person see the light. Educate them on the pyramid they are in. At the end of the day it is our responsibility to help others and add value to their lives.

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