Monday, March 28, 2011

Herbalife Meal Replacement Review | Are All Proteins Good for Weight loss?

There are three main reasons why you should add protein to your diet. First it satisfies and controls hunger; secondly it supports adequate protein intake with low-fat protein; and third it helps build and maintain lean muscle mass.

Another great reason is that it helps to curb and control hunger. This is huge because many times if we do not curb and control hunger we end up eating way more that our required calories for the day resulting in not achieving the weight loss we are longing for.

I know some are thinking all protein are created equal. Unfortunately that is not the case. There are proteins that are not as good for you because they contain a lot of fat.

This is evident in ribeye steak and new york strip steak which contain a lot of saturated marble fat. Those are very tasty steaks by the way but should be eaten in moderation.

Other protein meats are pork, chicken, lamb and pretty much any animal that is edible. You could also find great protein in beans, nuts and other variety of foods.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Are You Still Relying on Old Marketing Strategies?

The world is forever changing as each generation brings new and fresh ideas to the table in all arenas of business.

If you noticed there are many new marketing tools and concepts available that has really impacted on how we do business. Especially looking at how technology has really put everything on rapid fire.

The mlm industry has rapidly changed to adapt to what the consumer is in search of. It is no longer the case where we have the exclusive and the greatest. All the competitors have the same thing to offer which is the latest and greatest. I don’t want to forget ground breaking as well.

Monday, March 21, 2011

SEO Tips, If You Think You Do Not Need It, You Are Missing Out

If you have heard people talk about SEO but do not really understand what it means or why it is important. Then you’re in for a quick treat.

I will not be able to answer all your questions or give the entire in’s and out’s in this article but I will give you some basic information as to why you should be attempting to put this strategy into your marketing efforts.

To tell you the truth you should put the SEO strategy in all the work you want people to view, recognize, and appreciate. In my opinion if you took the time to do it and post it on a website well heck get as many people to view it as you can.

So what is This SEO?

Well at one point I didn’t know either but started to do a little research. It’s funny how that work’s. You get a question that needs answering, then it creates an action, and finally we have a result. So here we are talking about SEO.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Article Marketing…Does It Really Work?

Have you ever thought about putting this strategy to work but are still a little skeptical on getting started?

Like many other strategies out there, article marketing can and will work if you use it effectively.

Now if you currently own a blog then you are in fact doing a form of article marketing. You are putting together a post or article that you want to share your opinions and facts. You are then sharing it or posting it for people to see and comment on your views.

So you see even if you have not fully integrated article marketing into your marketing plan you are actually dabbling in the article marketing strategy.

Let’s take this a step further, you are currently driving some traffic to your blog because of your wonderful posts or articles but you want to increase that productivity. How do you do this?

Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Have a Clear Desire for Your MLM Success

If you are reading this I would like to think that you are pretty serious about your desire for mlm success.

I believe that in order to have achievement in any area of our lives we must focus on learning about what we want to achieve. We must apply what we have learned, start looking at our results and adjust where we need to.

Some may think that joining an mlm business they are guaranteed success if they apply certain strategies. Now they will achieve some success but it may be limited and the success is not guaranteed, see the disclaimer. I like to believe it’s more than just getting a little success. There has to be something burning inside of you.

If you take a look at history and study some of the great achievers they all had something in common. Even if they were in a different time period and in different field of expertise, they still had something in common.

The same holds true for many great people in this day and age. The commonality that they all share and the one that you should be sharing as well is the burning desire they have for their craft, business, study, or in our case mlm success.

Today I would like to go over a technique or a strategy that will help you elevate your desire to another level. To a level that will bring you the mlm success you’re looking for.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

4 Quick and Easy Tips on Money Making Activities

There is tons of information out in the network marketing world about how to become successful and how to avoid wasting time and how you should be conducting money making activities.

So what are money making activities?

Not everyone is familiar with this term or perhaps there is a broad list of money making activities that can be overwhelming to someone just beginning network marketing.

What I would like to attempt to do is simplify what are “money making activities”. This is something that you can put into any schedule and be able to determine quickly if you are doing those steps.

As we all know being able to duplicate actions and results leads to great success in your team and leadership. This is done by making systems simple and easy to implement.

What I put together is an acronym to help identify steps to the money making activities. I have come up with D.I.S.C. (deliver, improve, show, and connect) I will go over each one in a moment.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Five Great Things about Your Network Marketing Opportunity

Today I would like to go over five things that are great about your network marketing opportunity. I am not going to get into a specific opportunity so it will be a bit general so bear with me.

I know we all want that awesome compensation plan and it’s only natural since we are here to make money. But is everyone in it just for the money? You will have to answer that for yourself. I won’t make that call. So having a great compensation plan will be the common denominator for all the network marketing opportunities.

Let us take it beyond just a great compensation plan and the ability to make tons of money. Consider some of the other great things that are accessible.

1. Great mentorship. A network marketing opportunity will provide you with some outstanding mentorship. Not only will it help you form a base for your growth as a business person but it will help as an individual as well. A great mentor is a must.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

5 Tips to Consider When Starting a Home Base Business

Before you excitingly jump into starting a home base business you may want to consider a few things about the business you’re getting into.

If you have been searching the internet for a business you already know there are thousands of choices out there.

One thing for sure is that you do not want to get into a business that after a few short months you come to realize it isn’t for you or you feel you made a wrong choice. Not only will you have wasted some money but also valuable time.

Here is something to think about also. Even if you did make the right choice, the business could be too overwhelming for you or too difficult to duplicate.

So here are some tips to consider when starting a home base business:

1. Duplication. Now when you get into a home base business of course it starts with you as the first member of your business but you eventually are going to add team members to help you leverage your time and efforts. This a very important part because you want to be able to show your business to your prospects as something that they are able to do as well and it is simple enough to start making money right away.

2. Beneficial. Is the business you are starting beneficial for you and for the people you bring into the business. Is it something that you know will help people reach their financial goals and easy enough to build right away. That also ties into duplication.

3. Enjoyment. I know you may think what the heck does this have to do with starting a home base business I’m here to make money. But I believe you have to enjoy what you’re doing or better yet love what you’re doing because once that is the case you will never work another day in your life.

4. Passionate. This one is huge in my opinion and this is why. Your passion for what you are doing is ultimately what is going to bring you the success in whatever you do in your life. It is that driving force that will keep you working diligently on building your home base business and bringing others aboard your opportunity. Your passion will attract people to you.

5. Compensation. This may be number one for many people. In simple terms, how much are you getting paid? You definitely want to make money in the business you’re in. That is why you got into it in the first place. But I also feel even though the compensation is outstanding if you don’t have the other steps in the equation it may not become as profitable as you may have hoped for.

There you have it, five quick and easy tips to consider when starting a home base business. If you are considering starting your own business, asked yourself these questions and really give yourself an honest answer. You will not regret it.
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Friday, March 4, 2011

You Can Get the Most Out of Your Time!

Time is something that we all share in equal amounts. Everyone on this planet is given twenty four hours in a day and seven days in a week.

There are some people out there with a tremendous work load and for some magical reason are able to get it done. While some people can’t seem to accomplish maybe two or three things in a day and complain they don’t have enough time.

Now if you fall under this category of not being able to find the time to get things done then you may want to put some of these ideas into play to help you utilize your time more effectively.

It really is no secret but it is a discipline with a few tools that need to be added in order to get the work accomplished.

1. Set up a schedule. I don’t mean just writing a few things down and hope to get around to it once you stop being distracted. It’s putting thing down that can be realistically accomplished in that given amount of time.

For example, gathering data to write an article. If you set up a time for this then at that time you actually perform that task. Don’t go start checking emails, walking the dog, or whatever else you can think off.

But be realistic with this. You don’t have to schedule every little thing you’re going to do like some kind of robot. It just won’t happen that way.

Schedule the most important things you need to do like the money making activities for your mlm business.

2. Leverage your time. If you can automate some of the tasks, like automatically submitting articles to websites, then by all means do that. That will save you a huge amount of time. Leveraging as you all know is huge in getting things done in a massive way.

Outsource some of your task to other people to get more things done. Like have someone mow your lawn or wash your car or even write articles for you. You can get creative with this.

3. Evaluate your progress. After a while check on what is working and what is not. Make an adjustment when necessary. This is very important because as you are going through each week you will actually find ways to be more productive and less overwhelmed.

If you start working on these steps day by day you will find yourself getting a lot more done each and every week. Oh and don’t forget rinse and repeat!
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What is Keeping You Back From Achieving Your Success?

I wanted to talk about this topic because I was just on a call this morning that really made me think about a few things. It was almost like an eye opener. Wait….it was an eye opener.

Hopefully as you read this you will start to discover or realize what may be holding you back from achieving your success.

After listening to the call I started to think about what was discussed during the call. So I started to look at what are the things that could be holding me back. Now these things are going to be different for everyone because we all have different ways of processing our unique experiences.

The things I am referring to is the subconscious thoughts we have about ourselves or about experiences we have gone through. So to really discover what is truly holding us back or keeping us from the results we are looking for we really have to dig deep and perhaps ask ourselves some really difficult questions.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Truth About MLM Scams

People are always concerned about mlm business scams. The truth is that they should be. There is always some sort of scam going on in the world today.

But why does it seem to be synonymous with mlm? Some people hear the words multi level marketing and they already are associating it with a scam or a pyramid scheme.

Did you know there is a scam going on in every business model you could think of? One way or another you are being taken for a ride so to speak. Whether you are being cheated out of time with your family because of work or not getting that well deserved raise you were hoping for.