Monday, January 31, 2011

Do You Practice What You Preach?

There is a lot of talk and advice given out there. Sometimes it could be down right over whelming. Do this and do that, make sure you didn’t forget that step and this step.

No really, how much of all this mumbo jumbo do you really need to do? You may need it all! To tell you the truth you have to do what works for you. Now you may get a little uncomfortable doing some of things but that is okay it’s what helps us grow.

You need to have those bumps on the roads to learn from and develop your skills. Like Adam Chandler mentions in some of his blogs, you have to double your rate of failure if you want to double your rate of success. I know it’s something like that.

So this brings me to my topic of practicing what you preach. Now I know we like to put out information for people to do or follow and learn from. But are you really practicing what you preach?

I want to take you on a real life journey with me. It was a moment of clarity I would say.

My son really enjoys basketball. He want’s to be the next star, the next Bryant, or the next Jordan; you know what I’m talking about, some of the greats. I can’t and won’t name them all; I’ll be here all night.

We also talked about getting his school work done and getting good grades and so on. So to make a long story short he started to tell me that he wanted to skip a grade in school and that he wanted to be a professional basketball player in the future.

As any great father, I started to give him advice. You know, telling him he could be whatever he wants with his life but it takes hard work and dedication. You have to constantly put in the work, the practice, and the sacrifice to get what you want.

A couple of days go by and I was working on my to-do list. I was going to do a task and I thought to myself, well self this could wait till later. I wanted to slack off.

Right there and then I had that moment of what the heck! But I did not use those nice words.

I was very disappoint with myself because there I was a few days ago telling my son that he had to practice, work hard, and stay focused if he wanted to achieve his goals and I’m slacking off.

Talk about a reality check. So guess what I did. I got to work and completed my list and accomplished what I needed to for that day. It is easy to do our list and it is also easy not to. It is easy to preach but it is also easy not to practice.

My point to this story is check your actions and be careful what you let your thoughts lead you to believe. If you want success in your mlm business you have to put in the time and not give into letting things slide or slacking off.

If you catch yourself doing that think about the last advice you gave someone in moving their business forward or if you have kids, like I do, think about the advice you give them because it can be the same advice that will work for you.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and got something out of it. Here some advice from me to you. Keep up the great work because you may be closer than you think!

Take care and thanks for stopping by my place

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  1. Marion,
    Valuable post. I do try to practice what I preach, which is healing through love - healing and love. And yet sometimes I catch myself not thinking such loving thoughts or pushing my body past it's warning signs, instead of allowing it to rest and heal. But I am living my word more and more frequently and I teach it to others.

  2. Nice message you displayed here. I get the idea of the what the heck part. Sometimes I can get a little over the PG-13 rating myself. LOL.

    But great story there Marlon and well done on teaching your son on how to stay on track with his school work of getting good grades in order to become a pro athlete someday. Sometimes its always easier to tell people to stay on the straight and narrow and yet, sometimes we fall off the beaten path ourselves. Its logical human nature for it to happen sometimes. But we have to catch ourselves from slipping into that position more times than we may care to do that. Thanks for sharing

    Steven Dean

  3. Isn't is crazy how much our kids teach us? Thanks for your great insight. I'm sure it's a valuable message for all of us!

  4. Thanks for sharing this great lesson Marlon;

    You're right my friend; it's really easy to get caught up in giving excellent advise, then failing to live up to it in our own daily practices.

    I applaud you for recognizing it early and correcting it quickly Marlon. So often that's not the case.

    Thanks again my friend


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