Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keeping a Healthy Weight

The holidays are over and you may have gained a couple of unwanted pounds. I know it’s sometimes hard to talk about but we have to face the brutal truth from time to time.

That’s okay, it keeps us honest. So I am also guessing you might have had a resolution of losing some weight this year. I know I have, and I also gained a few pounds over the holidays. With all the delicious foods available how can you not?

Except of course for the die hard dieter that watches everything they eat for every second of the day. They probably kept their weight under control.

So now that you are honest with yourself and are working on reaching you desire weight goal here are a few benefits in attaining that goal.

1. Preventing health care. By getting to the ideal weight you are improving you health in many areas such as lowering your cholesterol and regulating your blood pressure. This in turn will benefit you in having less health issues in the long run that may cause you to be on medication. I for one would rather take vitamins than medicine any day.

2. Feeling less fatigued. By dropping those extra pounds you will feel a lighter on your feet, your energy level will increase and your heart will not be working as hard to circulate blood around your body. Your respiratory system will thank you as well.

3. Increase your confidence. Losing those extra pounds also boost your confidence aside from all the health benefits. You could fit into those jeans you but away for nine months or get into that bathing suit you are planning to wear for the summer. Not to mention all the compliments you’ll be getting.

One thing I like to advice is to be careful on losing too much weight at once. This could be extremely harmful. Weight loss should be gradual. Try 1 to 2 lbs a week and see how you feel.

There is a great deal of more benefits associated with maintaining a healthy weight. These are just a few that I like to call food for thought.

It does take hard work, dedication and commitment just like your mlm business. The great thing is that it is attainable. You just have to believe it and believe in yourself.

If you are interested in more information on how to reach your goals with the right system contact me.

Thank you and I hope you found this to be helpful.

Marlon Acosta

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  1. Hey Marlon

    Great tips about keeping a healthy weight. Frankly I don't have a problem with weight myself, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm healthy. I can get a bit carried away and have a sweet craving from time to time. But I would honestly rather be on vitamins rather than medication any day until I could ween myself off of it. Trying to maintain a healthy weight is a great comparison to marketing, which takes time and dedication. If you can master between the two then your good to go. Thanks for sharing

    Steven Dean

  2. Thanks Steve, It's true. Even if you don't have a weight problem you could still benefit from having a healthy diet and providing your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals.


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