Monday, January 31, 2011

Do You Practice What You Preach?

There is a lot of talk and advice given out there. Sometimes it could be down right over whelming. Do this and do that, make sure you didn’t forget that step and this step.

No really, how much of all this mumbo jumbo do you really need to do? You may need it all! To tell you the truth you have to do what works for you. Now you may get a little uncomfortable doing some of things but that is okay it’s what helps us grow.

You need to have those bumps on the roads to learn from and develop your skills. Like Adam Chandler mentions in some of his blogs, you have to double your rate of failure if you want to double your rate of success. I know it’s something like that.

So this brings me to my topic of practicing what you preach. Now I know we like to put out information for people to do or follow and learn from. But are you really practicing what you preach?

I want to take you on a real life journey with me. It was a moment of clarity I would say.

My son really enjoys basketball. He want’s to be the next star, the next Bryant, or the next Jordan; you know what I’m talking about, some of the greats. I can’t and won’t name them all; I’ll be here all night.

We also talked about getting his school work done and getting good grades and so on. So to make a long story short he started to tell me that he wanted to skip a grade in school and that he wanted to be a professional basketball player in the future.

As any great father, I started to give him advice. You know, telling him he could be whatever he wants with his life but it takes hard work and dedication. You have to constantly put in the work, the practice, and the sacrifice to get what you want.

A couple of days go by and I was working on my to-do list. I was going to do a task and I thought to myself, well self this could wait till later. I wanted to slack off.

Right there and then I had that moment of what the heck! But I did not use those nice words.

I was very disappoint with myself because there I was a few days ago telling my son that he had to practice, work hard, and stay focused if he wanted to achieve his goals and I’m slacking off.

Talk about a reality check. So guess what I did. I got to work and completed my list and accomplished what I needed to for that day. It is easy to do our list and it is also easy not to. It is easy to preach but it is also easy not to practice.

My point to this story is check your actions and be careful what you let your thoughts lead you to believe. If you want success in your mlm business you have to put in the time and not give into letting things slide or slacking off.

If you catch yourself doing that think about the last advice you gave someone in moving their business forward or if you have kids, like I do, think about the advice you give them because it can be the same advice that will work for you.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and got something out of it. Here some advice from me to you. Keep up the great work because you may be closer than you think!

Take care and thanks for stopping by my place

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100 day business challenge

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Opportunity of a Lifetime?!.....

So I got this business opportunity and I almost joined.  Little did I know it wasn't real.  LOL  yeah it's fake but simply hilarious.  I hope you guys enjoy this from one of the greats, Todd Falcone.  He sent this over to me and I was compelled to share.

Take care and keep in touch!
To your Success,

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Herbalife..... all about selling products and making a profit...true or false?

Well of course they are! But isn’t anyone else? We are here to make a profit and earn a living. If you are working an mlm business and are doing it for charity then you must be a millionaire and bored.

But money is not the main focus for herbalife nor should it be in your mlm business. The profit is what I want to consider to be the by product of what the true purpose is. The purpose it to help people to create or have a better life and that should always be the reason for doing things. Now this can be done through nutritional products, service products, relationships and so on.

Here are some facts on herbalife and what they are providing for many individuals. Now if you want to see some of their financial stats you could look them up on the NYSE:HLF.

I want to point out some great things this company is doing. They are currently providing great nutrition to 74 countries. They are providing grants to improve nutrition for kids in Mexico in two charitable organizations. They sponsor various sports team and help athletes in nutritional programs.

They also recently welcomed Dr. Shao who was the senior scientist at GNC to work with them on their product line. They have recently broke ground in China and built a facility to use botanical extracts and pure ingredients for their product line. They also have a facility in Los Angeles CA. Where they are constantly looking for ways to improve their product line and the list goes on and on.

Yes they do make great profits by providing great natural products for everyone, but they also provide many people in all parts of the world with a better quality of life and a better health at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.

There are a lot of great companies out there to choose from if you are looking for nutritional products to improve your health or if you are looking to build an mlm business. Just make sure you do your homework and look at the facts and history behind the company when making your decision instead of just looking at opinions and commentaries.

I hope you have found this to be helpful. Thanks and happy marketing.

Marlon Acosta

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Why should you get involved in a 100 day business challenge?

There are a lot of reasons to get on a challenge to help you move your network marketing business forward.

I will cover a few of them with you and I am sure you will come up with some other reasons as well.

One of the reasons I got involved is to change things up a bit. If you have been doing the same routine for a while it could tend to get old really quick. So changing things up can add that spark into your business. Regardless of what you are doing, we sometimes get burnt out doing it. Adding a new element can bring things back to life and give you a breath of fresh air so to speak.

Another thing is having the accountability factor. I know we all hold ourselves accountable. But at the same time times there are days that you may let things slide or tell yourself it could wait till later.

Getting involved in a challenge takes that part of excuses out of the equation. I feel if you know someone else is holding you accountable and you are holding them accountable that production factor is going to be raised. You don’t want to let yourself down or let the people that are involved with this down as well.

It’s fun to participate in a challenge. You really get to see your potential when you are being challenge. A person is only as great as the challenged he/she faces. If you are not challenging yourself, how great can you really become? You always need to push yourself to the next level. Sometimes we may not know how to do that. By doing a challenge you can automatically be pushing yourself to the next level and have fun while you’re doing it.

Helping other people is huge in doing a challenge because you are developing yourself and as you are developing yourself you are able to help more people around you. When you grow as a person you will help other people around you grow. There is a common saying out there if you want to be successful you need to be around successful people. And what do you think those successful people were doing? They were growing by being around other successful people.

These are my reasons as to why you should be on a 100 day business challenge or any challenge that can help you grow your skills and mlm business. I hope when an opportunity presents itself to you; you will be the first to accept it.

To your success

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to Build a Fast Following of 1000+ People on Twitter in a Week

Here is a quick and easy way to add followers on twitter immediately after you set up your account. You could have up to 200 followers in just one day.

The first thing you want to do is find the niche that you are targeting with your content or a niche that interest you. So if you are into home base business, mlm, or networking then those are the ones you will be looking for. Once you do that you will have a list of people that are in that niche.

So looking at that list you want to find people that have a pretty large following in that particular niche that you are interested in.

Once you found someone that has a pretty decent amount of followers and that you are interested in connecting with you could start following. After that you can click on their followers and start following them as well.

The reason behind this is if they are following the person in that niche more than likely they are in the same niche. This is huge when you want to get people to look at your content and value.

Another quick tip on getting people to see your profile and content is to follow a list. Now what you want to look at on the list is the amount of followers. If this list has a good amount of followers then you want to follow that list. This will give you an extra 200 to 500 viewers on the content you are putting out there.

I’m just putting that number out there as an example. You can surf around and find a larger amount of followers to a list. The thing is that you want to make sure it is in the niche you are in.

Give this a try if you are looking to build your twitter followers and increase you views on your content that you work hard on producing. If you have a blog, this is a great way to drive traffic to your blog, build those prospects and build relationships.

I hope you have found this to be helpful. Thanks for taking the time to read it. Have a successful day.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to Generate FREE Traffic

Are you Looking to Generate More Traffic to Your Content?

The TSA ,Tribe Syndication Association, is a group that will help you generate traffic to your blogs, twitter, digg, you tube, stumble upon, skype, and your mlm company. It will help you get that exposure that you want for your content and websites. 

 As you help others in your group to get that exposure you will be developing back links to your content and sites as well.  You could do this on your own but this group puts it into a nice package for you.  Almost like a one stop shopping deal if you will.  Click on the link below and take a tour.  See if this could work for you.

To your success!


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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to Build Your Business Quicker than Rome in the Next 100 Days

Watch the Video Below and Learn how you can take your Business to New Heights in 100 days.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Start Up your Metabolism / MLM Company

Weight loss sometimes eludes us.

We exercise, drink plenty of water, consume protein shakes, take our vitamins and mineral supplements but we still sometimes gain weight or remain at the same weight.

So what’s the deal? What is preventing us not to lose any weight at all and to make things worse; gain weight?

How do you get around losing those extra 10 lbs that are kicking your butt and has you scratching your head frustrated on what to do next?

The answer is a lot simpler than you think. You see your mind and your body are two separate things all together.

You’re probably thinking where the heck you are going with this so let me explain. You simply can not tell your body; if I stop eating then I will loose weight. It doesn’t work that way.

That is one of the biggest mistakes you can make while try to lose weight. The solution to the problem is not to stop eating but to eat more frequently and eat better quality foods.

One of the biggest mistakes most people do is skip breakfast. If you are skipping breakfast and trying to lose weight you have already loss the battle.

Friday, January 21, 2011

3 Reasons that Prevent Recruiting

We have all heard it before. The key to building a successful mlm business is recruiting. Unless you prefer to just do all the work yourself and not get to the point of receiving a residual income. That’s totally up to you.

Obviously you did see the big picture when you were recruited into your mlm business by your up-line. The promise of a potential residual income with the combining of your efforts and those on your team to create success beyond of what you were doing in your regular 9 to 5 job.

There are many techniques on recruiting. Sending them to a presentation, which I think is pretty cool. It is very time efficient and you could do a large amount at one time. Webinars’ can work a lot better. You can have hundreds of people at one time and the recruiting potential will increase dramatically.

So how do you get people on presentations, webinars‘? You have to prospect. You have to talk to people. You have to make them aware that you have the opportunity they are looking for.

Here are 3 reasons that can prevent you from recruiting your prospects. I believe that if these three areas become mastered recruiting will become a bit easier and the odds of someone joining you will increase.

1. Not having belief. Your belief in what you are doing has to be right on. You have to believe in your product, in your company, and in the systems that you are using and how they are beneficial to your prospect in providing them with the opportunity of having their own business and joining you.

2. Not knowing what to say. You definitely need to know what to say to your prospect. You don’t what to chase them off; you want to attract them to you and your business. Having a good script can help you if you are new and don’t know what to say. Getting on a three way call with your up-line is also a great training experience to learn what to say.

3. Not developing your skills. If you are not taking the time to develop your skills to talk to your prospect then it will be very difficult to recruit them. Whether it is on the phone, face to face, chatting on line your communication skill has to be developed. Your communication skills are the key in network marketing.

If you take these 3 elements, develop them and put them into a nice polished package for yourself, you will be an unstoppable force.

Just to prove my point the next time you listen to a webinars’ or see a presentation or talk to mlm leader that is extremely successful observe to see if they have those 3 elements down to science. They have the belief, they know what to say, and they have the skills to deliver the information almost flawlessly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have found this information to be useful.

Marlon Acosta

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keeping a Healthy Weight

The holidays are over and you may have gained a couple of unwanted pounds. I know it’s sometimes hard to talk about but we have to face the brutal truth from time to time.

That’s okay, it keeps us honest. So I am also guessing you might have had a resolution of losing some weight this year. I know I have, and I also gained a few pounds over the holidays. With all the delicious foods available how can you not?

Except of course for the die hard dieter that watches everything they eat for every second of the day. They probably kept their weight under control.

So now that you are honest with yourself and are working on reaching you desire weight goal here are a few benefits in attaining that goal.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting Around Content Block

If you currently have a blog or thinking of getting one started one of the most difficult things is probably coming up with content that is valuable and appealing.

You could have valuable content but if doesn’t appeal to anyone then you may not be getting the target audience your hoping for.

So how do you do this? How can you get content or continue to come up with fresh content day in and day out?

I don’t have the ultimate answer for you but I do have some strategies that may help you come up with content on a steady basis for your blog. Of course the more you do this the better you get at it and the easier it becomes.

As you may already know one of the most crucial things in writing content is identifying your target. Who are you trying to communicate with, who is going to read it, who can relate to it and so on.

What I want to cover is some quick steps that you can take in getting some content going immediately. As you develop your style and writing skills it should be easier to do. But sometimes you still get stuck. And for all you pros out there, you know what I’m talking about. At least I hope so.

Here are some steps to consider when you run into a writers block and are looking for content to write about.

1.Make a list of what you want to discuss in your blog. You may want to talk about mlm, recruiting, best type of prospects or the worst type of prospects and so on. The point is not to necessarily come up with the title right away, just write down what you got in mind. Then do an extremely rough draft about it. Just let the ideas flow. You could always edit and polish it up later.

2.Grab some free training on line. There is tons of free training that can help your creative juices flow into writing your blog. Look at some of the techniques that are used and try to put them into your content. Pro blogger is a pretty good resource for some great tips on blogging. Check them out if you get a chance.

3.Outsource your blog content. I would use this if you’re extremely busy or you just plain can‘t come up with anything. You are basically hiring someone to write on a topic that you want to share. You could also use this as a learning reference when you are doing your own writing. This is cool I think when you want to get something on your blog but you still want to work on your own skills. That’s my personal opinion.

4.Share some of your experiences. We all have experiences whether in mlm, sponsoring, cold calling, getting set up; working your regular job and lessons you may have learned from those experiences. If you have a journal that’s a gold mine for blog content as long as you can relate it to your target market.

5.Your company’s web site. There is huge amount of training and information you can discuss in you blog that can relate to mlm, lead generation, team building. Also the webinars’ that are held with a great deal of information that you can filter that to your prospects through your blog.

6.Study other content. Look at what other people are writing and the style they are using and the message they are delivering. But don’t plagiarize; you’ll get in trouble for that. When you study other blogs you can grab some ideas that the information has given you. Like questions they may have not answered through out their content. That question can be a topic for your future blog.

These are just a few ideas that can help you come up with content. As you can see we can go on with other areas and resources to find content. When you read this you might have gotten some ideas already.

One of the key ingredients is taking the steps to get it going and keep it going. Remember the more you do it the easier it becomes and the better you get.

I hope you have found this post to be helpful in providing ideas for your next blogs post and if you can be so kind as to leave a comment.

Thanks, Marlon

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's True: You Really Can stay motivate over the long haul And Here's How...

The start of something new always seems to create a great deal of energy, excitement, and motivation.

Even as you watch the NFL games, which are very exciting by the way, you notice the amazing excitement and momentum. As the game continues the players start to settle in and the game goes on as usual until a great play is made or a touchdown is completed.

At that point the excitement rises up and momentum is fired up again. This does not only happens with the players but also with the fans in the stadium and with you as you watch the game at home.

Well this is the same situation you may experience as you start to work your business. There is a lot of excitement in the beginning, tons of motivation going and you get to work with the “eye of the tiger.”

But then something starts to happen as time goes by and things start to get a little monotonous. You may start to get a little low on motivation; things start to get a little stale. You might find yourself putting things off here and there.

Occasionally you get a new team member, you make some sales, and you get that excitement back. But then it goes away because it may not be as consistent as you would like it to be. Or perhaps you haven’t had any success yet.

So how do you keep that motivation going for the distance? Here are some ideas that may help you if you are starting to experience those situations:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Social Websites a Waste of Time

Not really, don’t get riled up, but it can be distracting if you don’t have a game plan when being on any social site. I do enjoy social websites myself a great deal but……

If you do not have a system on how you are using your time, you could end up spending countless of hours doing non money generating activities. Think about it, have you ever looked at the time and said “omg, where did 2 hours go?” It has happened to me.

Yes it is great to catch up friends, perhaps do a little chat, and get better acquainted with new friends but it all should be done in moderation.

Just like anything we do in life there has to be a certain degree of moderation if not it could become detrimental. I will use food as an example. Food can be delicious and of course nutritious for your body but if you consume too much of it you can gain weight and possibly start to develop health issues.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Pyramid Scheme Revealed

The dreaded pyramid scheme has finally been revealed by society. At one time it was the most illusive entity in the world that may have been pinpointed to one business model.

Many have questioned why is it allowed? Why the people who regulate business laws and rules don’t put an end to this? The mass majority did not know how this scheme affected them and how they were involved in such a scheme without even knowing it.

Some had thought if they stay away from this business model that they would be safe from such a scheme. Many are just still just ignorant of the fact that they are exposed to it whether or not they wanted to be involved.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

So what do you get out of it?

I wanted to share this value that I was fortunate to experience last night that helped add fuel to my fire.

Here are some key points that really made me analyze what direction I need to take.

Take massive action towards your goal.
Say no to your fears and put one foot in front of the other. Have that mindset to over come obstacles and push forward.

Your are responsible to become successful to tell your story.
Someone needs to hear your story on how you made it. How you became successful no matter what. You are responsible to share that story to help others achieve their success.

Do not put an expiration time on your success.
This will only give you the mindset of failing. If you put a time frame of 90 days make or it break then you will not reach your success potential. You are already setting yourself up to fail. You need to do what ever it takes to make it, how ever long it takes.

There was definitely alot more than this!

I want to thank Tracey Walker, Ray Higdon, Toby and Layla, and Nicole Cooper for sharing their stories.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Being healthy is not as easy as it sounds

I’ve been reading some great stories and articles. One of the topics that have really caught my attention was that of being transparent; letting people know who you are and provide them with a clear message on your purpose and drive and opportunity for them.

I have been hiding a something from you…. Some of you may know this already but I know most probably don’t. Well here it is…..I am involved with the health and nutrition industry.

I want to say a little bit about my company just to give you an idea; not to sell you on it. It has been around for over 30 years and does business in 73 countries.

Its headquarters is located in Los Angeles California and it has been committed to helping people reach their health, wellness, and financial goals one person at a time. I didn’t want to sound like a slogan, but hey, it happens. This possibly will occur again, so bear with me.

When I got involved with health and nutrition it was solely for the weight loss plan that was available and I needed to get in better shape. I was not doing well at all.

I literally had tried many different plans out there and worked out regularly but I was not able to hit my goals until I got on one of the plans. My personal weight loss was 46 lbs….woo hoo for me! There I go again…But it’s the God honest truth.

The reason why I wanted to share this with you is that I know one of the main goals that many people want to reach is weight loss. And it is difficult especially when you are going at it with no support, no coaching, and sometimes no idea on how to go about it. You could relate it to starting brand new in an mlm business.

You see, you need a coach or mentor just to help out especially in the “sticky part“, the bottle necks, and the rut. You know what I’m talking about. Sometimes you just get stuck.

That helping hand is necessary to help you forge ahead and stay on track. Sometimes without it we throw everything to the waste line and go back to our ways that are comfortable but may not be to our well being.

It’s a shame that we throw all that hard work away just when we are almost there but got stuck.

This is where I would like to help out. If you are looking to obtain that desire health goal, that weight loss for this year or you have a special event that you are getting ready for let me know. I want you to think about something. Don’t you believe that what you put into your body should be just as important as everything else you do for yourself? Contact me for more info.

Thank you


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Monday, January 3, 2011

Ready Set.….. Begin Your Journey

Last year is gone along with what ever it brought. A new start is here with many new rewards to claim.

Now with what ever goals you may have missed last year you should have no qualms. All we can do is learn from what has happened and hopefully embraced the lessons that may have come with it and progress forward.

Whether you have been marketing for a while or just started there is much work to do this year. You probably are looking to expand your team or perhaps get your first team member. You may be on board for the very first time with an mlm company or still are looking for a “family circle.”

These are some of the questions that you’re probably asking yourself….