Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Truth About MLM Scams

People are always concerned about mlm business scams. The truth is that they should be. There is always some sort of scam going on in the world today.

But why does it seem to be synonymous with mlm? Some people hear the words multi level marketing and they already are associating it with a scam or a pyramid scheme.

Did you know there is a scam going on in every business model you could think of? One way or another you are being taken for a ride so to speak. Whether you are being cheated out of time with your family because of work or not getting that well deserved raise you were hoping for.

Sometimes people get involve with scams because that is what they are looking for. If you are one of those people looking for an easy way to make a lot of money on the internet; someone is targeting you.

There are very slick people out there disguising themselves as a legit business to get you to buy in. You see if you looking for something quick and easy more than likely you will find a business that will take you for a ride.

Do you remember back in the early to mid 90’s when telemarketing companies where getting busted all over the place for scamming people out of their money? Why do you think a lot of those businesses where successful to some point?

They were targeting people that wanted easy money. They would cold call them, tell them they had just won a huge amount of money but had to purchase something in order to get it and bingo they got your money and you got nothing. Sometimes the purchase would be 3 to 5 thousands dollars!

Unbelievable, but people were sending that kind of money out to a complete stranger in hope that they were going to receive a larger amount in return.

Make sure you research the business you plan on joining before you actually join. Don’t set yourself up to be part of a get rich quick scheme. It just doesn’t exist unless you invented something that everyone wants and uses. And that takes time to do as well.

If you did happened to get scammed think about what you may have been looking for. Were you in search of a get rich quick system that required no work what so ever to achieve success? If that was the case then you really set yourself up for people who target individuals that are looking for such a business.

MLM business requires work just like any other business. You have to network, build a team, and retail products. Now all that may sound simple but it does require work and being consistent in your actions towards your goals.

The truth is that there are scams out there but make sure you are not setting yourself up for them. Don’t go out looking for a get rich quick deal. Find a business that you would enjoy doing and put the work in.

Don’t get me wrong. In mlm you do have the potential to make a lot of money really quick if you develop your leadership skill and build a team. It does however require tons of determination and passion.

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  1. Marlon, good points made about every business is riddled with con artist looking to take someone for a quick buck. People need to do some investigative research before pulling out the credit card.

  2. Marlon this is so true. Sometimes when I present my opportunity to someone I know offline (because they ask what I do) after viewing the material their first response is a pyramid scheme. It's amazing how people don't see that corporate America all the companies they work for are the biggest pyramid schemes out there.


  3. Good blog post. Everyone needs to know that even as a plan B network marketing is a legitimate business that needs to be worked at. Yes it can be done along side of whatever you are already doing, but don't quit your JOB until you are making enough to equal what you are already making.

  4. Great Post Marlon my friend. Keep them coming.



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