Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Five Great Things about Your Network Marketing Opportunity

Today I would like to go over five things that are great about your network marketing opportunity. I am not going to get into a specific opportunity so it will be a bit general so bear with me.

I know we all want that awesome compensation plan and it’s only natural since we are here to make money. But is everyone in it just for the money? You will have to answer that for yourself. I won’t make that call. So having a great compensation plan will be the common denominator for all the network marketing opportunities.

Let us take it beyond just a great compensation plan and the ability to make tons of money. Consider some of the other great things that are accessible.

1. Great mentorship. A network marketing opportunity will provide you with some outstanding mentorship. Not only will it help you form a base for your growth as a business person but it will help as an individual as well. A great mentor is a must.

2. Positive attitude. Network marketing is all about keeping positive, growing as a person, and helping other people. It is a gold mine when it comes to meeting some extremely positive people that will help you lift your beliefs up if you’re having one of those off days.

3. Training in more than one area. There is an abundance of training materials available in your network marketing opportunity. Not only in how to do the business but also how to become a better marketer and person. This business, in my opinion, can help you become the best “you” that you can possibly imagine.

4. Success for you and others. That is what we all want if we are in a network marketing opportunity. What other company will focus primarily on your success as much as a network marketing company? The simple deal is in order for the company to succeed you have to succeed. Other companies just fire you and get someone else.

5. Transformation. I believe that you can have a complete mindset transformation when you are involve in a network marketing opportunity. If you truly dedicate yourself you will not be the same person as when you first started in your opportunity.

I wanted to add this in as part of having a transformation. I am currently reading “Why We Want you to be Rich” by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. One of the reasons why you need to be rich and successful is because of the thousands of lives out there you can help. You can influence so many people to become better, to be more than they can be, to educate, and to bring them up to another level. That’s pretty awesome. And that can be done through your opportunity.

I know that last statement can be interpreted different ways. So try not to read into it the wrong way. I know of many great people that were not rich and were able to change lives. Those are extremely exceptional individuals and I have the utmost respect for them and what they have accomplished.

So those are the five great things about your network marketing opportunity I wanted to share with you. I know you can think of more so share those with me. If you are currently in one keep at it. If you are planning to get involved in one, it’s never too late to get started.

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  1. Marlon,
    I find you are saying all the above straight to the point. This is a beautiful post and I certainly agree and very familiar with number 5.

    Transformation is a real thing. When we have found an opportunity and commit ourselves to succeed in any area we want, we can see results and will be more confident. When we belief so much and can speak with conviction, that is even greater. I personally find when we have these, it is easier to change our mindset. Be dedicated, sincere liking for others are also essential.

    Thank you again for this sharing, Marlon !


  2. Good job on this Marlon!

    As I read, thought that every point is applicable not only to our business lives, but also our spiritual lives. As we saw at GracePoint recently, God wants to use social networks as a way to share THE Good News, and the desired end result?

    Your #5: Life Transformation- "Don't be conformed to this world system's way of doing things (self-centered rather than God & others-centered), but be transformed by the renewing of your minds; then you will be able to test and prove what is God's good, perfect and acceptable will." (Paul of Tarsus-Romans 12:2)

    "I Am Second"

  3. Hello David,

    I agree, having that spiratual transformation will lift you to greater level.


  4. Hi David,
    I think that probably the most important is good mentorship and of course, you need to bring your own positive attitude and willingness to do the work involved to build your team. But without good leadership and assistance and examples, it is difficult to do it on your own. That is the benefit of MLM, that your upline wants to see you succeed and can help you to do that.


  5. Great points Marlon, network marketing can provide much more than just an opportunity to make some money. You summarized some great points and I don't think you missed anything.

    One of my favorite things about Network Marketing is the life long friendships that you create. Companies come and go, but friendships last forever.

  6. Great post, Marlon! You are so right about mindset! I remember that, when I first started, it seemed like I was just kind of thrown out there. Then, after a few months and my sponsor realizing that I was serious about building a business, she told me about Jim Rohn. I'd never heard of Jim Rohn (or even knew how to spell his name, for that matter) and she sent me a copy of a CD of his, and it has been the start of something big with mindset. I'd say that, regardless of how much money I make in network marketing when all is said and done, that one thing has meant a great deal to getting me started on the way to success and it has enriched my life greatly.

  7. Great post Marlon,

    I agree with the part you said about growing as a person. In order to be successful we must look at ourselves and be constantly working to improve.



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