Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What is Keeping You Back From Achieving Your Success?

I wanted to talk about this topic because I was just on a call this morning that really made me think about a few things. It was almost like an eye opener. Wait….it was an eye opener.

Hopefully as you read this you will start to discover or realize what may be holding you back from achieving your success.

After listening to the call I started to think about what was discussed during the call. So I started to look at what are the things that could be holding me back. Now these things are going to be different for everyone because we all have different ways of processing our unique experiences.

The things I am referring to is the subconscious thoughts we have about ourselves or about experiences we have gone through. So to really discover what is truly holding us back or keeping us from the results we are looking for we really have to dig deep and perhaps ask ourselves some really difficult questions.

One of the things that were discussed is the “how to” and the “why” that we all have. We all have our “why” we are doing this mlm business and we definitely read a ton of “how to” of this mlm business but we have to focus on the “why not” as well.

What is the “why not” that is holding you back. If you put some focus on why you are not getting your success you may discover a few things that you are overlooking.

I was able to discover a few things that I may need to work out my self. In my opinion it is a process that should be put into practice in order to move forward. It really doesn’t matter what level you are at. There are things in your mind that can still be holding you back from achieving a greater success.

It is a great process that can help you identify what is keeping you from your goals. I know you can agree that we all have goals regardless of your level of success.

You may need someone to help you through this and ask certain questions to help identify what you are hung up on.

We can be blinded thinking that there is something else that needs to be learned in order to achieve our success but it is inside our very own minds that may be what is hindering us to begin with.

Once you start addressing your “why not’s” then everything else should fall into place and become clearer. Either you let go of what is stopping your success or you will stay stuck not knowing your own solution to achieving your success.

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