Thursday, March 10, 2011

4 Quick and Easy Tips on Money Making Activities

There is tons of information out in the network marketing world about how to become successful and how to avoid wasting time and how you should be conducting money making activities.

So what are money making activities?

Not everyone is familiar with this term or perhaps there is a broad list of money making activities that can be overwhelming to someone just beginning network marketing.

What I would like to attempt to do is simplify what are “money making activities”. This is something that you can put into any schedule and be able to determine quickly if you are doing those steps.

As we all know being able to duplicate actions and results leads to great success in your team and leadership. This is done by making systems simple and easy to implement.

What I put together is an acronym to help identify steps to the money making activities. I have come up with D.I.S.C. (deliver, improve, show, and connect) I will go over each one in a moment.

Once you memorize this and put it into practice you can simply determine if you are doing the money making activities or wasting valuable time.

Now you can add to this if you like but the important thing is that it serves as a base to your productivity through out the day. So here we go!


You want to deliver valuable content when writing articles, copywriting, follow up emails, and videos, etc. Also this content should be relevant to your audience. If you are doing instructional content make it easy to follow and understand. If it simple it can be duplicated. Attempt to over deliver in value as much as you can.


This is more getting into your self development, mindset, and physical condition. Read motivational books or listen to motivational CD’s. Try to exercise regularly 3 to 5 times a week. Work on your mindset to really impact your results and performance. As you improve yourself you will be adding value.


Who have you shown a presentation to or have invited to a presentation? This can be done either online or offline. This can also involved classified ads and links to valuable content. The thing is that you have to get eyes on your material. If this is not happening then no ones know what you have to offer and your branding will suffer.


After everything is said and done we have to connect. Pick up the phone and contact your leads. Even if you are calling just to say hi. It’s a start. Build relationships on line and off line. Let people know what you’re doing. It shouldn’t be a secret. Networking is something we all do from the day we are born. We meet, we talk, and we establish a relationship. That’s it! As the relationship grows we can discuss our opportunity more and perhaps find a fit for them.

So there you have it, a quick reference to money making activities. You can adjust it to fit your needs. I believe it is a great tool to simplify your work day and improve your results.

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  1. I enjoyed this article. Thank you!

  2. Hi Marlon,
    I enjoyed reading your post.Man you explained very well these activities.Now it seems more clear and easy to understand.
    Create and share content,improve yourself ,connect with people and invite.This should be the daily schedule of a network marketer.
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Great post, Marlon! I think that what happens to a lot of people in network marketing or online business is that it becomes very easy to get distracted by all of the bells and whistles. I think that something that helps is figuring out how much time you are willing to devote to your business in a week, and add activities that meet the DISC criteria until there is no more time left. This way, you don't get overwhelmed, and you have a plan that you can stick to.

  4. Great point Steve

    Not getting overwhelmed is extremely important when first starting out. You want to be around for as long as you can with out giving up because it got too complicated.


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