Friday, March 4, 2011

You Can Get the Most Out of Your Time!

Time is something that we all share in equal amounts. Everyone on this planet is given twenty four hours in a day and seven days in a week.

There are some people out there with a tremendous work load and for some magical reason are able to get it done. While some people can’t seem to accomplish maybe two or three things in a day and complain they don’t have enough time.

Now if you fall under this category of not being able to find the time to get things done then you may want to put some of these ideas into play to help you utilize your time more effectively.

It really is no secret but it is a discipline with a few tools that need to be added in order to get the work accomplished.

1. Set up a schedule. I don’t mean just writing a few things down and hope to get around to it once you stop being distracted. It’s putting thing down that can be realistically accomplished in that given amount of time.

For example, gathering data to write an article. If you set up a time for this then at that time you actually perform that task. Don’t go start checking emails, walking the dog, or whatever else you can think off.

But be realistic with this. You don’t have to schedule every little thing you’re going to do like some kind of robot. It just won’t happen that way.

Schedule the most important things you need to do like the money making activities for your mlm business.

2. Leverage your time. If you can automate some of the tasks, like automatically submitting articles to websites, then by all means do that. That will save you a huge amount of time. Leveraging as you all know is huge in getting things done in a massive way.

Outsource some of your task to other people to get more things done. Like have someone mow your lawn or wash your car or even write articles for you. You can get creative with this.

3. Evaluate your progress. After a while check on what is working and what is not. Make an adjustment when necessary. This is very important because as you are going through each week you will actually find ways to be more productive and less overwhelmed.

If you start working on these steps day by day you will find yourself getting a lot more done each and every week. Oh and don’t forget rinse and repeat!
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  1. Now that's what I call sensible and doable advice with "rinse and repeat" as your friendly reminder to keep working the plan. Great post, Marlon!

  2. Thanks Monika,

    Keeping simple is the way to go!

    take care

  3. Arrgghh I'm so not good at making a schedule and sticking to it :-p

    Leveraging my time - now that's a totally different story :)

    Ah well ... work in progress - grins.

    Thanks for your post!

  4. Hey Andrea,

    It happens, but the great thing is that you are making a schedule so you are setting yourself up. Keep it going!

  5. Great post on time management. You've given us a practical action plan to become more productive daily. Your point about scheduling your most important tasks and focusing on completing them is quite valid. If we do the most important things then we're bound to be successful. I also agree with you about leveraging your time: it's smarter to delegate or automate some tasks than use valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere.


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