Monday, February 28, 2011

The Number One Reason Why Most Network Marketers Fail!

With such a powerful business model like network marketing why do so many people fail after the first few months of getting involve in network marketing?

Thousands of people get into the mlm business everyday looking for a better life, a better future for their family, the ability to run their own business, and the pride of having a team.

Yet they quite or give up at the first bump on the road. Their first failure determines their future in the business they had hoped to change their lives for ever. Were their reasons not strong enough to continue in building their business? Was the passion not there after all?

I have been thinking about this for some time now and I have read a few interesting articles on this phenomenon. The phenomenon that I refer to is starting what you believe is the answer to your financial freedom, and then deciding to quit only a few months later.

There are a few answers that you can think of as to why some people do this.

Perhaps it’s because they did not really invested anything of great value. Like building a traditional business that may cause you thousands of dollars to even get started. If you invested that type of money, would you walk away from your business? Of course not!

Or maybe they did not truly believe in the future outcome of this business when they first envisioned themselves with a prosperous business and the lifestyle it can provide them.

The main reason I believe why most marketers quit is that they do not believe in their number one commodity; themselves.

They did not quit their mlm business because it did not work. Even though most may say it was a scam. That they tried their hardest but it didn’t work. That it is people trying to get you to join so they can make a commission off of you.

Deep down inside they really know they quit because there was no belief in their abilities to do this business. Yes the mlm business will test your metal and that is a guarantee!!! But what is your metal made off? Can you handle the test or is it easier just to go back and trade hours for dollars?

Of course it easy to go get a job and trade your time for a salary or an hourly rate but don’t gripe that you are unhappy and you want a change in your life. If you choose to live in that existence then enjoy it, embellish it, and stop whining!

But if you choose the path less traveled and are ready for the hardships along the way knowing that sometimes all you have is your why and your faith to hang on then travel that path because that is where you will see your success unfold.

You see the fact of the matter is that we all want easy. But did you know you can make anything easy. And did you also know that in the beginning it’s going to be hard until you get better at it? At one point in time what was hard will become easy. You just have to get through that curve…that learning curve.

Quitting on your self is easy and I know it’s hard to admit that fact. It easier to put the blame on other things and rationalize to the point of believing that those were the reasons you were not successful.

History has proven that if we want something bad enough, if we have an enormous passion to achieve what we want, if we have an undoubted belief; then we can accomplish anything we want in our lives!

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  1. Marlon,
    It is true what you are saying, to a point. Yes, some people give up on network marketing too soon and have given up on themselves. But there is a real reality that must be faced. MONEY. We need a certain amount of money coming in each month in order to pay our basic bills. Getting into a network marketing business without any money to survive on, can be a very good reason for quitting to go get a job.
    So, the recommendation is to not quit your day job or to find a day job that brings in a steady income - and then pursue your network marketing business without that sense of desperation that comes from worrying about money.


  2. I agree with you Erica, you definitely have to keep a job until your business starts producing. It's just waiting for that to happen is what some people may not be willing to tolerate.


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