Monday, March 21, 2011

SEO Tips, If You Think You Do Not Need It, You Are Missing Out

If you have heard people talk about SEO but do not really understand what it means or why it is important. Then you’re in for a quick treat.

I will not be able to answer all your questions or give the entire in’s and out’s in this article but I will give you some basic information as to why you should be attempting to put this strategy into your marketing efforts.

To tell you the truth you should put the SEO strategy in all the work you want people to view, recognize, and appreciate. In my opinion if you took the time to do it and post it on a website well heck get as many people to view it as you can.

So what is This SEO?

Well at one point I didn’t know either but started to do a little research. It’s funny how that work’s. You get a question that needs answering, then it creates an action, and finally we have a result. So here we are talking about SEO.

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. That is where the internet has their robots looking for keywords and relevant content and puts the information in front of viewers when they are searching for a particular topic.

What I am about to do is go over some basic things you could put in place immediately so your content can be recognized by search engines.

SEO Likes Keywords

One of the things about SEO is that you want to have relevant keywords through out your article. You could have general keywords or more specific ones.

For example you could use computer as a keyword which is very general and you would attract a large audience. But if you use Dell 564 laptop computer you will attract people that are specifically looking for information on that particular computer. If your article is about that Dell 564 laptop computer then you have a targeted audience.

Here is a quick tip on keywords. You can use Google keyword tool to help you with keywords that are getting a lot of interest and work your content from there. It is easier this way instead of having your content done and then trying to add keywords.

Now you can get into analyzing the keywords and so on but I want to stay very general. You can look up more information on analyzing keywords and which ones would be a good choice and which ones would not.

Another thing with SEO is that you want to develop back links to your content and that is pretty much having other sites linking back to your content. This will make you’re content even more popular and ranking on the first page in no time. It’s like having votes for your content. We love votes!

Let the Automation Begin

Using an automated marketing tool for your articles can help you create tons of back links to your content. Of course there are other ways out there. This one I think is cool because it you are leveraging your efforts and it’s on auto pilot. And besides who doesn’t love automation.

One more thing you can do is have at least three subheadings (H1, H2, and H3) through out your content with the keyword in it, if possible. You will have this option if you are using wordpress blog.

You can also automate the SEO process as well using a program that will help you identify what areas you need to adjust in your content or your website to make it more search engine friendly.

There you have it, some quick tips and ideas that you can start working with and start thinking about using on your next project. You can always dig deeper into your research and gather more details on SEO and you will find that you can do some more simple steps to start getting your content more visible.
I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you got something out of it please leave a comment below

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  1. Marlon,
    My how things change it seemed for awhile that people had to be reminded of the importance of social media and participating there.
    Now it seems there has been a shift in the mainstream and now people now have to be reminded to do their due diligence with SEO to me they are both powerful and both need to be implemented properly.


  2. Hello Steve,

    Yes they are both very power tools and should be equally implimented.

  3. Hi Marlon,
    Your post helped me understand SEO a bit better. Some of this stuff is so overwhelming! Welcome to TSA too, and glad to meet you. I look forward to visiting again!

  4. Thanks Lesly,

    SEO is a bit overwhelming but starting with some simple things and then moving forward is probably the best way to go about it. I'm still learning how it works.


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