Saturday, February 19, 2011

Are You Working Out Regularly?

I know this may be a delicate subject for some people but I feel it is important to consider a physical program in your business.

I mean if you think about it working from home or online you are probably spending a lot of time sitting and not being very active for hours.

Now I’m not a fitness guru but I have read countless of articles, I am a health and wellness coach, and I have exercised my entire life. It such a part of me that if I do not do it on a regular basis I feel off.

It’s habit that I have created for myself by being consistent and having a routine. I have written an article about staying on track a having systems in place.

After a while you just don’t second guess it. It comes naturally.

I want to share with you some of the benefits associated with a regular exercise program.

1. Exercise helps release stress. Stress is the number one cause of many illnesses we face in our lives. Stress can lead to weight gain or weight loss, heart attacks, migraine headaches and the list goes on.

2. It helps you stay focus. After you have performed your exercise routine and released some stress you actually are more focused on what you need to do for your day. Your mind is clearer and you feel more invigorated.

3. Exercise helps reduce unwanted weight. When you exercise you are more physically active and as a result you are burning off more calories than you normally would. The result of burning off more calories would be a decrease in excess weight.

4. Keep tone. I know as we get older our muscle tend to get a bit mushy. By doing regular strength exercise you can keep those muscles tone and ready for beach weather. You could be ready for beach weather all year round with a good exercise program.

5. Improve your strength. Sitting for a long period of time while you are working you mlm business can put a toll on your back muscles, especially your lower back. By improving your muscle strength you can decrease the amount of stress put on those muscles.

So these are some of the benefits that you can have by putting a simple exercise plan together. You could start off slowly with a nice walk and a couple of light dumbbells.

Everyone is different so you can find what works for you. Now don’t take it too easy. You want to a least break a sweat and make it a bit challenging. Set up some attainable goals that you can reach and won’t be discouraged.

The important thing is to get started. If you have been putting it off for the right time then it will never happen. You have to think it’s always the right time.

Staying strong and keeping healthy should be just as important as getting leads and building your business. You only have one body and should take great care of it.

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To Your Health and Success,


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  1. Marlon,
    Nice list of benefits. I completely agree that your health and fitness should be on your priority list everyday of the week. I like to set a goal to participate in a monthly health activity. For example: 5k race/walk or A long hike. A balanced life is a healthy life.

    Rob Loomis

  2. Hey Rob,

    5 k's are awesome. my goal this year is to do at least 6 official ones. I agree with a balance life is a healthy life!


  3. Regular exercise is vital. Desk jobs or working from home tend to keep you inactive, so it's best to plan at least 30 minutes a day where you get yourself moving and work up a bit of a sweat. Like you said Marlon, once you get into the routine of exercising regularly, you don't feel right if you miss a day.


  4. @Wendy, that is so true. I missed 4 days this week and I was about to loose it. LOL.. I went and got my run in this morning and I feel great!

  5. Marlon,

    Thanks for the remindar of the importance of exercise. It is something that is so important, yet so easy to not do. I did go running yesterday and it felt awesome!

    Plus, it is important to stress excerise to the kids. If they see mom and dad doing it, then they will do it too!


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