Monday, February 14, 2011

Do You Have the Missing Piece of the Puzzle?

This may be one of those things you ask yourself when you look in the mirror. Or perhaps a better question may be do you have what it takes?

You start looking in your memory rolodex and go down the list of qualities and skills that you have and have been able to acquire. You also start checking you websites, blog sites, company site, and auto responder and so on.

Everything is checking out just fine. You have the passion, the desire, and the motivation and confidence to move yourself in the lime light of the mlm business world.

But things are not happening for you yet. You have these systems and skills in place but you’re not as lucky to build your business immediately as the next guy. You double check everything but it all seems good.

Weeks go by but you are not seeing the results flying in. You’re getting a little anxious and perhaps starting to get some doubt that this may not be for you. You want that instant success you keep hearing about.

At this point you may start thinking of turning in and giving up. You may be even deciding to let you dreams of running a home base business fade away.

One thing that you may have not added to your plan of action in your journey to mlm success is causing this to happen. It is one small element but it can create a world of difference if not added.

It happens; it’s a common mistake but if not addressed early can derail you from your plans and your dreams. It is an element that will make or break you. It is a skill or virtue that has created icons and legends.

Now that I have you’re attention, I will tell you this secret ingredient that mat be causing you to second guest your commitment to pursue a better lifestyle.

It is patience. As simple as it is it is also very difficult to have. This very feeling, emotion, or skill of being patient can determine your future in your mlm business, online business, or home base business.

Give yourself time to develop in your business and skills to really start seeing the results of your hard work and dedication. Success does not have a time frame it just requires time.

Some are lucky enough to achieve it in a shorter time frame than others. The Colonel from KFC didn’t see his success until he was well over 60 yrs old! But guest what he had….a ton of patience and it paid off.

This business is not about how quick you could be successful, even though it would be nice if it happens that way for you, I think it’s on what type of lifestyle you can create and how you are able to help other people while you are creating that life style.

The only get rich quick deal is probably the lotto if you’re lucky enough to hit it or you can become a high roller gambler but guest what both these examples require patience as well. Ha…how funny is that?

This is the deal. Work on being patient while you are building your business because you will have your ups and down while you build your business. But as you’re going through this you are learning and developing skills that you may have not otherwise possessed or you may have had these skills all along but were not able to bring them out.

If you do not work on having patience you will definitely be working against yourself. You can always adjust your plan to get the results as long as you keep working on building your business, but once you decide you are out then it is pretty much over.

So if you are going through a tough spot keep at it. Practice a little patience and remember to allow yourself time for growth as you build your business and skills.

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  1. I have been there on several occasions where I grew impatient on wanting to see results. Im not saying that I expected instant results within a few weeks but when much needed time has passed I was kinda second guessing myself when I first started the idea of marketing a long time ago. But I never gave up the dream. Like they say Patience is a virtue; but easier said than done my friend. Great tip.

    Steven Dean


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