Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SnackHealthy; a New Approach to Snacking

Snacking is so much fun as it is tasty. Tell me who doesn’t love to snack? It is a common thing we do before meal, after meals, and through out the day until bedtime for some.

It doesn’t even matter which category you put yourself in. You could be into a healthy kick or just eat whatever you want; snacking is a huge part of life and your diet.

I want to clear something up on the word “diet” since I mentioned it. Diet should not always be referred to prohibiting yourself from eating want you want.

Diet is simply a plan of the selected meals you prefer to eat. Or simply put, whatever you are currently eating is your diet. It’s what you eat. So don’t be afraid of that word and think you have to give something up.

Now depending on the results you are looking for you may have to adjust certain items within your diet to reach those goals. So you need to keep that in mind as well.

Anyway that was my two cents on that; now getting back to the snacking deal.

I wanted to mention a pretty exciting company that is doing a phenomenal job and taking an exciting approach to snacking. This company’s name is SnackHealthy.

Now as we already know everyone loves to snack but most of the times what we snack on may not be so great for us. What SnackHealthy is doing is taking those same delicious snacks and making them healthy for you.

Now you can snack on tasty treats and not worry about it being bad for you as far as having too many calories, fat, and sodium and so on. Now how cool is that?

If you are in a weight loss program some of the major obstacles is snacking. Reduces or satisfying this graving to snack can provide the continuous momentum to lose weight and accomplish your goals in weight loss. This is where SnackHealthy can really benefit you.

One of their newest exciting products is the light natural popcorn.

This light, crispy white popcorn is loaded with crunch and flavor. With zero fat and just 110 calories per serving, health conscious consumers can enjoy delicious guilt-free snacking.

New research indicates that a daily snack of fat-free popcorn can help dieters maintain reduced-calorie eating plans while still feeling full and satisfied. While any reduced-calorie diet can lead to weight loss, the biggest key for sustaining weight loss momentum is satisfaction with the eating program. The study showed that even after eating popcorn daily for 12 weeks, people were highly satisfied with it and attributed part of their dieting success to the snack. Npros.com 2/9/2011

This is pretty awesome for all you popcorn lovers out there. But it’s not just about the popcorn. They have a wide variety of other delicious snacks and drinks. My good friend James Crowder can really give you great details on these snacks.

I enjoy snacking and who doesn’t? so don’t be scared to snack because it’s all about making great choices and having the options available to you.
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  1. Marlon,
    What a great concept, to offer easy to eat snacks with zero fat and only 110 calories. In our weight loss, diet conscious society, so many of us are looking for ways to cut calories. I can tell you when I sit at the computer for hours, I do get hungry. The types of snacks I have readily available make a huge difference in my health and calorie consumption.

  2. Thanks Dr. Erica

    Snacking on the wrong types of foods is what sometimes causes people to take longer to hit their goals or gain a couple of extra pounds.


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