Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is the Distraction “Gremlin” Jeopardizing Your Business?

For all the 80’s fans I’m sure you remembered the gremlins, the chaos and havoc they caused if they were not kept in checked.

You remembered what happens when the rules were not followed. Things got really out of hand.

Well I want to mention the gremlin in your daily routine that can deter you from getting things done.

A few people might say hey you work from home; you got time to get things done. You should be rocking out tons of content; you have all the time to do it and so on.

This may be true to a certain extent but you could end up with no time at all if you allow for distractions aka gremlins interfere with your routine.

Here are some of the pit falls to be aware of when working at home.

1. The TV shows. It is very simple to get caught up in shows, soaps, and even the news. It is a time killing magnet. Yes you can learn a couple of things by watching but it will consume your time magically.

2. The telephone, skype, cell phone. They are great for calling your prospects but if you’re spending most of your time chatting with friends then you’re burning the time for valuable money making activities. Also beware how much time you spent with prospects especially if they are tire kickers.

3. Those wonderful house chores. They could be extremely distracting. I know they are for me. I get to one project then the next and so on. Next thing I know I did not do anything in building my business because I got caught up in house chores. Maybe one day I could afford a maid service. I better build my business first.

4. Emails. This is a biggy. You could literally spend a few hours looking at email and seeing what each one has to say. I look at my email account and there would be hundreds of emails. It takes time just to sort through them let alone read them all.

5. Videos. I enjoy videos and I get a lot of great ideas from them but you really don’t want to get glued on watching every video. It is almost as bad as the TV when it comes to eating up your time.

So those are a few of the gremlins that can jeopardize your home base mlm business. Make sure that you are recognizing when they are happening and then take an immediate course of action to stop them. Create structure in your day with a routine that is easy to follow and can become a habit for you.
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  1. Very good Marlon. I have fell victim to some of these things myself.


  2. Thanks Danny. We all have. Take care my friend


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