Thursday, December 30, 2010

Throwing in the towel?!

I’m done I can’t take this anymore! What the hell did I get myself into?!

How hard can it be to have your own mlm business? There are blueprints and models to go by. Instructions put in place to guarantee you success. There are books, audio, and video materials available.

There is an abundance of coaches and mentors available to help you along the way. All elements are in place to move you forward in this business.  So where are the results?

The biggest piece to this all is you and the learning curve. For some the curve comes around quickly. Everything falls into a nice neat package. Almost like a play that has been rehearsed a hundred times. It is just like what they read in the marketing. Do this and you will get that.

For others it takes a bit longer. It requires more effort and work. More time spent figuring it out. Sometimes a little frustration sets in and that’s okay we are only human. We are going to feel those emotions. It is part of us.

How we deal with those emotions is another monster all together. Taking a break from what is frustrating you helps a great deal. Distract yourself from the project for a while. Let the project incubate in your mind for a while and the solution will appear.

MLM is a business that definitely takes time and patience. You still have to go through your hard knocks. Everyone has them. Life happens. You just can’t escape that fact. But what you can do is hang in there and continue to work hard. You will begin to accomplish the goals you have set out for yourself. The fruits of your labor will show.

You hear leaders and mentors talk about finding your business niche. You definitely need to take that to heart. Find your niche. Find what area you are great at. It could be blogging, video, motivation, article writing or copywriting. You might even develop a unique skill that you may have not even known that you had. But it developed during your learning curve.

I see some awesome people in this business that I want be similar to. They seem to have it together. I also know they had to bust their butts to get there. They put in the hard work, developed their skills, found their niche, and got their feet on the ground and started running with it.

I challenge you to keep your hard work going. Don’t let that learning curve beat you up. You might be close to the top of the hill ready to start coasting.

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By Marlon Acosta



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