Friday, December 31, 2010

The New Year is here and you can't stop it!

Well why would you anyway? It is the start of something new for all of us. There are new promises, new resolutions, new goals, new ideas and maybe even a new company.

What ever it is, it's pretty exciting to think about it. The blood is pumping and the excitement is stirring. I'm excited to just scream out Happy New Year at midnight!

I am also taking the time to think of all my experiences in 2010 and what I've learned from them. It was a heck of a roller coaster ride with happy moments and sad ones as well.

I sat down this morning with my wife and we discussed our resolutions for this upcoming year. One of the things we reflected on was some of the goals that we had last year and how we did not accomplished them or to put it realistically, we did not hold ourselves accountable to them.

Well that's what this 2011 year is going to be about. Holding ourselves accountable for what we say we are going to do, our goals, our dreams and our life.

We're dusting off the dream board and actually putting it one the wall, we're re establishing our goals and creating new ones, we're holding ourselves accountable to our DMO, and this year is going to be the most phenomenal year that we are going to experience.

I hope that everyone takes a good look at their goals and really ask, "Am I trying as hard as I can to achieve that goal?" "Am I putting in my full God given capacity into living my life to its fullest potential?”

If your answer is like mine then we have work to do. I know I have work to do. I know I have not been applying myself to my fullest potential, not using the skills or gifts that I've been blessed with.

But I have come to realize this and I have been given the opportunity to change my course. Adjust my sail in the winds of life as Jim Rohn would say.

Well I am fired up for this New Year!!! LOL

Have a Happy Prosperous New Year!!!!!

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