Friday, December 10, 2010

Staying motivated your first 90 days Ouch!

We’ve all been there and some are still there. Excited to get started, anticipating the rewards, the adrenaline pouring through, and the expectations of great things to come. Wow it is a very exciting process. The dreams and visions that come into play when we get into something new and exciting, believing the promise of a better tomorrow. Is it all hype? Perhaps a dream or maybe we are trying to escape our current pain and reality that we are no longer happy with. Let me try to explain what we go through in this moment of sparked interested.

Yes it is everything we wanted. It’s the excitement, the thrill, the rush, the joy of starting our own business, our own venture, our own piece of the pie. But something happens to us or I would say a few of us. We start to fizzle out, the excitement dies down a bit, the adrenaline has dropped considerably and now we are disillusioned about starting a business, working for yourself, accountable to yourself, and putting in the work. There is a way out of this situation if you are currently there.

Try to go back to when you were having those wonderful feelings of the great things to come. Create a list and write those feeling down. Better yet, start a journal for yourself about this new venture you have taken on. Also start up a dream board. On this board you will put pictures of vacations you may want to take with your family, cars or other vehicles you may want to have, clothing you would like to have, the house of your dream and so on. So how do we put this together?

Look at you dream board during the time you may feel unmotivated to put in the work for your business. To help give you that vision as to why you are doing this. To spark up that fire you had two weeks ago. To know that you made a commitment that you cannot back down from. To have a visual of what is to come at the end of your work, the rewards that will follow. A dream board is such a powerful tool because it helps create that vision that you had when you started. The foresight of what the future holds for you. Use your journal to record your progress, your setbacks, the feelings you are experiencing and so on. Use it as a reference to help you move forward in your venture. We must learn from our past to create a better future. Use this as a tool to get your mindset to where it needs to be. Call your friends for good advice or your sponsor to get some tips to help you stay on track.

Know this; you owe it to yourself to continue what you started out to do. It’s not going to be easy or comfortable in the beginning but as you get use to it, as you build your knowledge and skill, changes will occur. The uncomfortable becomes comfortable, the difficult becomes easy, and the mountain becomes a mold. You will reach your goals and then you get to start it all over again!

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