Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Benefits of working from home

I would like to take this time to share a couple benefits of working from home that I‘ve had the pleasure to experience so far. One of them would be the most obvious, is that you get to spend the time with your family especially when there are school events, holidays, birthdays, family gatherings, other special times.

This time with our family is one of the most important benefits and experiences that we look for and have a real need for it. Then there are those exceptional experiences that really count. Those moment that you say “wow, I am blessed that I am here to experience this with my family instead working in some company.” I don’t know Ray Higdon personally but I did get to see a short video of him with his son. His son mentioned that he was happy that his dad was there with him and was not like the guy in the movie they were watching. The guy was always working at his company and most of the time not around with his family. That really hit home for me as well as it did for Ray.

I am a father of three children and I know that I want to be there for them in that time where they need me the most. If I were at a regular “job” I wouldn’t be able to just leave and tell my boss that I have to get my children from school or I have to take my wife to lunch at noon. That would be crazy. I would be out of a job as quickly as I left the building. Working from home does give you that benefit and flexibility.

Now don’t get me wrong. It is work. You have to put the time, dedication and sacrifices to make it happen. It is not just turn on your computer, log onto a website and presto your making the big bucks like your up line is making. You definitely have to go around your learning curve, to learn what is necessary, to work at it each day, to take baby steps until you are able to take full strides. There are many testimonials of the hardship that most of the top marketers had to go through to get to where they are today. But I tell you what; the rewards are just as huge as your sacrifices and perhaps exceed what you’re expecting. Those guys and gals with the financial freedom are living proof of the potential of this business.

Another great benefit is that you are your own boss. You can work as hard as you want or not. You won’t have anyone holding you accountable except yourself and it will show in your business. Now once you get to that point of the residual income, which is mentioned out there in network marketing quite a bit, then you’re really where you want to be with the utmost flexibility of life everyone is looking for. Now isn’t that a huge benefit in itself? Financial freedom for me is to be in the position where money is no longer a concern or worry for me. Imagine what an incredible feeling that must be not to worry about money again for the rest of your life and for generations down the road. Now that’s pretty cool, huh?

There is a ton of benefits alone that we can discuss from not having to worry about money. We could go on for days going over them. But to get to where we want to be we need to work on it. Continue to chip away at that stone; continue to work towards your goal keeping in mind that there is no hard work or effort that goes un- rewarded.

See you at the top!

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