Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Recruiting - Getting Back to the Basics?

Being part a company or building your company you must have some sort of recruiting process. How do you go about bringing people into your organization? Another thing is once you have people recruited, how do you keep them involved? That will be a different article all together.

I would like to share with you some recruiting tips that can help you get the right people into your mlm business. Of course recruiting is a tough process where it can leave you questioning your abilities. In the same token if you go beyond that part of sometimes questioning your ability you can become great with practice and patience. But just to let you know even the best recruiters get their share of no’s, sometimes more because they are doing more.

Getting People to Even Look at You

So how do you get to recruit people into your team and opportunity? That is one of the toughest questions to answer. You could find a lot of different strategies out there if you go look for them and many of those strategies are right on the money and will work if you apply them.

One of the main strategies that are in agreement by many is the importance of self development. Self development can be the most important thing in how you will be able to recruit people into your company. You see people don’t necessarily join companies or opportunities, people join people.

Developing yourself and very importantly your beliefs in what you are doing is an extremely powerful combination. Now taking the time to develop your belief will give you the confidence when speaking with your prospects and the confidence to determine how you can help them.

It’s not so much that you want them to join your opportunity but how your opportunity or products is is going to help them. If you’re into health products and your prospect is not in need of health products or could care less then it will not do you any good to try to get them into your organization. It in the end they just won’t do anything with it.

They Might Just Not Be Into You

That leads us into targeting your prospects. So how do you go about targeting your prospects? For one, you want to talk to as many people as you can or connect somehow with them. Secondly, if you determined that they have a need for your services then you want to expose them to what you’re doing and how you can help them. Remember you want to let them know about it, not necessarily sell them. Trying to sell right away doesn’t go well with many people.

If they have an interest in what you are involved in, then naturally they would like more information. At this point, you can guide them into more information and eventually to a call of action. The call of action will determine if they are ready to join you or if they are just curious.

What If They Are Just Not Ready to Marry You?

If they are just curious but are not ready to join or may still be skeptical you don’t necessarily want to write them off. They may not be ready or they just want to digest the information you provided. If the information provided was compelling enough for them, eventually they will buy into or recruit themselves into your opportunity or product. This also works the opposite way as well. So it is very important that the information provided is of value and it resonates with your prospect.

So wrapping it up, recruiting is very different for everyone. If you like someone’s style then try to do some of the things they are doing until you develop your style. Also learn from the people who are extremely successful at it.

Continue to practice what you are learning and it will all fall into place. If someone is not interested in your opportunity it’s okay. Continue to network with them and provide value to them. They may know someone that would be the right fit for your opportunity. You just never know, you may recruit their friend.

Recruiting, talking, networking is all part of the process of building your team and organization. Keeping positive in your daily practice will develop your belief and give you the confidence to be great. People will be attracted to you and recruiting will be a lot easier to do.

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